Janak Shah

Senior iOS Developer,
based in London.

In 5 years building apps for the iPhone & iPad, I've had the opportunity to work on many diverse projects; from medical research apps & streaming radio players to dating apps. I've developed with various different technologies including bluetooth connectivity, signed REST API requests, Firebase, CloudKit and more. I have designed, developed & published over 50 of my own apps and I’m proud to say that every year over 1,000,000 individuals download and enjoy a product that I’ve built.

My interest in business & entrepreneurship means I take the time to see how a piece of code fits within a business offering. Giving me insight to make the coding decisions that better achieve business goals.

I enjoy creating solutions that push boundaries of how people use mobile devices, such as implementing bluetooth or connecting 1080p external monitors. The mindset I've developed from building and running my own app company means that if I don't know how to do something, I figure out how to do it and then get it done.

Development Style

I keep up-to-date with the latest best-practices and am always looking for ways to improve my code. I document what I learn in my blog.

I am comfortable with both Objective-C and Swift and regularly maintain codebases that use the two together. I use the MVP & MVVM patterns to shrink the size of my ViewControllers and CocoaPods to manage dependencies. I Unit Test and employ TDD, when appropriate, to write reusable, reliable, well-structured code.

"Janak produces well-documented code with clear & in-depth instructions. He went above and beyond to understand our business and made recommendations to ensure the app met objectives. His depth of technical knowledge and ability to solve complex problems is a valuable asset." - Trisha Koria, Director of UK Operations, OTG

"Working with Janak is a breeze. His entrepreneurial sense means I just point him in the right direction and can trust the job will get done. He delivers results and was fundamental in designing & developing all technical aspects of GoGymBuddy." - Wilfried Weber, CEO, GoGymBuddy

"Janak delivered our project on time while also achieving incredibly high quality standards. We needed a simple, easy-to-use interface together with the robustness required when storing medical data, and we were not disappointed. The best feedback comes from our staff who tell me they find the app extremely useful." - Avnish Thakrar, Director, The Grange