• Senior iOS Dev, assigned to the Growth team
  • Work closely with stakeholders to architect and develop features that grow the userbase and revenue
  • Build reuasable frameworks to A/B test features, paths, UI elements to make the best decisions
  • Mentoring of junior team members


  • Simple & easy tube service updates app
  • Allowed me to explore SiriKit Donations & Today Widgets
  • Built because I was dissatisfied with constant delays on the Overground line and wanted a quick & easy way to check service updates.


  • Create and join group workouts, and find gym buddies
  • Features implemented include: Realtime chat, leaderboards with earnable badges, push notifications, realtime workout event database, Google Firebase backend, geolocation, custom map view, CalendarKit and nested CollectionViews inside TableViews
  • The app has been launched in 3 gyms and is available on the New Zealand App Store

Train Times UK

  • Over 500,000 downloads
  • Approved & licensed by the Department of Transport
  • Rated Top 10 in the “Travel” category of the UK App Store

Retrieves & parses live train data. Giving users immediate access to platform & delay information, calling-points and more. The app has 20,000 active monthly users, mostly commuters who rely on the app to plan their journey to work.
The app uses iCloud to persist user data across devices, and includes a built-in viral mechanism asking users to share the app as an option to remove ads.


OTG needed to display extremely high resolution (1920x1080) optical tests on iPads and external monitors with 100ms accuracy. Regular UIImage rendering was too slow so I used Core Graphics instead, I also used UIScreen to control the monitor via HDMI.

Another requirement was to run one test on two iPads in the same room. I solved this by implementing bluetooth, giving my app the ability to communicate with an instance of itself on another device.

(Custom software, not available on the App Store)


A powerful photo editing app. Import an image or take a photo using UIImagePickerController. View built-in tooltip instructions using DDCoachMarks. Remove backgrounds from images with CGImageCreateWithMaskingColors & ACEDrawingView. Add logo images and text elements as layers to your main image. Pinch to resize, rotate or move these layers via CHTStickerView. Save high-quality edited images through CGImageCreateWithImageInRect. Share the final image to Facebook or Twitter.

The Grange Care Home

Deployed over 30 iPads, preloaded with my app, allowing staff to go digital and complete their paperwork easily and efficiently. Data is synced across all iPads and management monitor operations in real-time.

I designed the app to follow all UK care regulations and, in addition, aid management at inspection time by generating & printing reports directly from the device.

I also designed a PIN system for staff logins which is more efficient than a username & password combination as staff members login in quick succession.

(Custom software, not available on the app store)

Fashion Finder

  • Developed concept, UI and code
  • Built a tinder-style card swiping UI allowing users to quickly like or dislike clothing items
  • Pulls items into the relevant categories from Amazon using an asynchronous signed REST API request, which involves encoding the request into an RFC 2104-compliant HMAC with the SHA256 hash encryption algorithm

Keto Recipes

  • Over 90,000 downloads
  • Parses JSON
  • Designed UI and wrote code
  • Fluid UI animations
  • Data persistence to save favourites

Weight Tracker

  • Developed concept, UI and code
  • Implemented iOS Charts Framework
  • Implemented iCloud Key-Value Storage
  • Users are able to switch between displaying weight in Pounds or Kilograms across the entire app with just one tap